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Khajuraho temples in India are adorned with erotic sculptures, exhibiting passionate union of man and woman in form of carvings. Explore the Khajuraho temples that have wealth of Indian art in store.
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Kajuraho Temples in India

Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho Temples are the gift of love, India has bestowed on the world. Intricately carved with detailed sculptures, the Temples of Khajuraho displays some very unique form of art and architecture, very rare in others parts of the world. The speechless sculptures of Khajuraho speak volumes of the ancient India civilisation.

Khajuraho showcases the art of conjugation, which has been long understood in India. The sculptures represent the different positions of creation and are splendid way to let you learn some basics of human evolution.

The temples are unusual in the sense that the subject matter here is sex, rather than just idol worship, thus it reflects that the necessity and importance of this basic instinct has been well-paid in the Indian context.

Architecture :
The wall sculptured images, most of them are of couples engaged in love, or to better say, in compromising positions. But the architectural value is never compromising, it's one of the best in terms of expression of theme and structural competencies. There are 20 temples remaining, and they are divided into three major groups of mainly two sects, Hinduism and Buddhism. The Kendriya Mahadeva temple represents the best sculptures and is the leader among the gamut.

The temples also represent a splendid addition to the sculpture culture of India, making it a more reachable place for different reasons. The carved out structures stand on erected platforms to give them a distinct look, and is smoothly finished.

The Kendriya Mahadeva sculpture is huge and immensely attractive, with many other important architectural beauties surrounding it, it's definitely the most attractive.

Khajuraho TemplesHistory :
The Chandela Dynasty king built the temples, which was in its culminating position during the period of 9th and early 10 century AD. It is believed that Chandravarman built these temples after having a dream, of his mother, asking him to build the temples signifying the art of conjugation.

Main temples :
The Western group of temples: Main temples of this group include the Kendriya Mahadeva temple, Chaunsath Yogini, Chitragupta temple, Vishwanatha temple, Lakshmana temple and Matangeshwara Temple.

The Eastern Group : The eastern group includes Parsvanatha Temple, Ghantai Temple, Adinatha Temple, Duladeo Temple etc.

It is believed that there were 85 temples in total out of which only 20 remains, but still, are enough to entice the tourist's minds. The landscape of the place is also very romantic and that makes the place more charming then anything else. The various groups of temples also link three different flows of thought, the Hinduism, Jainism and Vaishnavism, and give the place altogether an unforgettably appealing image. That's why the place has remained one of the most visited tourist destinations in India.

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