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Sarnath India, a highly revered destination for Buddhist pilgrims boasts numerous beautiful monuments like the Dhamek Stupa and Mulagandhakuti Vihara Temple. Visit these monuments in Sarnath India with us.
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Sarnath in India

SarnathSarnath is more famous for the Ashokan structures than as a pilgrimage, but in fact the place is one of the most revered pilgrimages in Buddhism. This pace had seen Lord Buddha deliver his sermons for the first time after attaining enlightenment. Not far from Varanasi, a revered Hindu pilgrimage, the place is highly preached for a religious and spiritual learning.

The stupas, chaityas and other religious structures give the place a deep mythological look, which touches the inner soul of every tourist. The devotees could easily relate to the ancient situation while Buddha might have been preaching in this pristine location called Sarnath.

Location :
This Sarnath village, earlier known as Mrigadava, Rishipattna and Ishipatna, is just at a distance of 12-km from Varanasi in Bihar.

Attraction :
Dhamekha stupa :
This stupa: The stupa is a commemorative structure where the first sermon by Lord Buddha was delivered. Thereby the stupa is considered sacred and is worshiped by the pilgrims. It is believed that Ashoka constructed the original stupa. It is believed that the first sermon was on the wheel of law, which told that the time never stops, and when one visits the place the truth of the preaching is understood easily.

Dhamekha stupa Choukhandi stupa :
This was raised by the Mughal emperor Akbar, in 1555 AD and marks the place where Buddha preached his first five disciples about the Dharma. There stand an Ashokan pillar proving the visit of Ashoka to this place.

Buddhist temples :
The Mulagandhakuti Vihara is a newly built Buddhist temples in and around the place that makes the place more attractive and sought after by the pilgrims. The temple houses some of the finest mural paintings depicting the life of Buddha. Besides, the collection of Buddhist literature is also quite rich and exotic, especially for the religious book lovers.

Festivals :
The Buddha Purnima festival is the main attraction of Sarnath when the Birth, Death and enlightenment is observed amidst many fanfares. The place altogether gets a new look and the ambience too do changes into a more pristine and sacred one, due to the enchanting mantras, colorful decorations and the other interesting rituals that are specific to Buddhism.

To reach Sarnath Varanasi is the best place to look for, with an airport and a railway station, this city is also very attractive due to its Hindu touch. Besides, sarnath is reachable by Road.

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