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Lumbini in Nepal is an important Buddhist pilgrimage destination dotted with some majestic temples where religious rituals are performed every day. Travel Lumbini in Nepal to explore them.
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Lumbini in Nepal

Buddha's Birthplace, Lumbini

Lumbini is the birthplace and, probably the holiest place for the Buddhist pilgrims. This village in Nepal draws hoards of pilgrims from around the world and is a cherished UNESCO world heritage site. It is believed that on the way to her paternal home, Maya Devi, the queen of Kapilvastu gave birth to Tathagata who later on came to be renowned as Lord Buddha. This place is considered as one of the four Parinirvana places as preached by Lord Buddha himself.

The tranquility and the quite atmosphere naturally make the village a serene and peaceful destination. Besides, there are numerous Buddhist organizations, which has sprung up after the discovery of the Ashokan Pillar. The Buddhist monastery is prominent and is quite active among them. The place becomes especially attractive during the Buddha Purnima, a colourful festival to mark the occasion is observed with much fanfare and religious rituals.

History :
Lord Buddha was born to the King of Kapilvastu Shuddodhana in 623 B.C. According to beliefs Maya Devi, while travelling to her paternal home delivered Lord Buddha at this place where the temple stands now. Until the discovery of the Ashokan Pillar by German archaeologist Dr. Phuhrer, the place was under cover and the search for Buddha's birthplace was on. But the accidental discovery has lead Nepal to become one

Location :
The village falls in the Rupandehi district of the Western Terai province of Nepal. This place falls on the Nepal India border and is only 122-km away from Indian City, Gorakhpur.

Attractions :
Ashoka's Column : This is the oldest historical column of Nepal. Ashoka was one of the foremost patrons and pilgrims of Buddhism and he built this column commemorating the birth of Lord Buddha.

The Maya Devi TempleThe Maya Devi Temple : This temple is probably the most popular among all of the attractions in Lumbini. The temple houses a splendid statue of Maya Devi and Lord Buddha as a child. This temple is believed to be more than 2000 years old. The splendid sculpture shows Buddha after his birth standing upright on a lotus petal and Mayadevi under the Sal tree. It's a beautiful image and the lonely dedicated to Maya Devi.

The sacred tank, Puskarni: The nearby tank is considered sacred as it is said that Maya Devi had taken bath here before Buddha's birth. It is also said that Buddha was bathed in this lake after bath.

Other places to visit :
There are some other very important Buddhist destinations, not far from Lumbini which represent the splendid past that was associated with childhood and younger days of Lord Buddha. Kapilvastu, only 27 km away, represents the true face of the Shakya Dynasty, through the ruins and remains. Aarorakot, the town of Kanakmuni Buddha is only 10 km away from the village. Other important places that are a must visit include Gotihawa (5 km), Kudan (2 km), Naglihawa (8 km) and Sagarhawa (12 km).

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