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Kushinagar is a sacred place where Lord Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana. Temples and blossoming gardens are the main attractions of Kushinagar holy Buddhist City.
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Kushinagar in India


Being the place where Buddha dies, this holy place is a highly revered place for the Budddhist pilgrims and stand in the same list, in terms of grade, to other three-parinirvana places. Earlier known as Kushawati and Kushinara, this place has a long and interesting history behind it. The most important aspect for its importance is that Lord Buddha was cremated in Rambhar, which falls in the same region. Also, this place is associated with the great Jain tirthankar Maha veer, and thus is also a favoured tourist destination for the Jains.

Being an important link to the most important cities like Ayodhya, Rajgir and Vaishali etc, this place had earned a unique status and importance for itself.

Attractions :
The excavations have led to the fact that Kushinagar was one of the most important centers in the medieval India when Buddhism flourished to the culminating point in India and began spreading all over the world. The Stupas, Chaityas, and the monasteries have proved the fact, moreover it has left open a new chapter for discussion to the archaeologists as well the scholars in religious studies. For the Buddhist pilgrims, it has been one of the most important discoveries of Buddhism and is certainly a new destination where they can feel the value and real meaning of Lord Buddha's preaching. Among the important places Pawanagar holds a unique importance for being the place where Mahaveera attained enlightenment, and thus joining a thread to Jainism. The nirvana temple and stupas are also preached high among the Buddhists, and the in-house huge reclining Buddha has been a matter of serious concern for Buddhists all over the world.

Being an important and holy Buddhism-nerve-centre, many institutions related to Buddhism have grown up in Kushinagar. Among them, the Japanese temple, the Thai Watt temple and the Chinese temple are worth a visit for their architectural beauty and, of course, peace of mind.

Besides, Jain devotees do flock to visit every year, the important and deeply religious pilgrim places and temples such as the pristine Jain temples.

Excursions :
LumbiniLumbini : Another important destination for the Buddhist pilgrims, Lumbini, in Nepal, is the Birthplace of Lord Buddha and houses some of the most revered Buddhist monasteries. Most important of these being, the Maya-Devi Temple and the sacred pond which are associated to the roots of Buddhism.

Gorakhpur : Historically a very important city, Gorakhpur is 51 km from Kushinagar, and houses the Rahul Sanskrtiyayan Museum, a definite for those who love the Thangka paintings. Moreover there is a water-sports complex to chill out.

Kapilvastu : Visit Kapilvastu if you want to explore the days of rule of King Shuddhodhana, the father of Lord Buddha and the ruins of his Kingdom are clearly visible in the region.

To reach Kushinagar aim for Gorakhpur, which has an important airport and well-networked railway station. If one is inclined towards concrete roads more than rail or air, the number to remember is 28, the national highway number that connects Kushinagar to other important cities.

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